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God Delights in You!

    Do you know how often God smiles at you? A lot! You are His chosen child and your faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, delights Him continually.

    Pleasing God is simple. And when you live your life to please Him, you are on the course that leads to the abundant life Christ bought for you. Get ready to receive great revelation as Jesse shows you how a life that aims to please God is blessed and empowered to prosper in every way. In this inspiring message, you'll learn five ways to live the life of faith that pleases God and ultimately leads you to your divine destiny.

    Remember, your Heavenly Father takes no pleasure from your suffering. Learn how to walk the path of blessing He ordained for you and enjoy the life of purpose, peace, and prosperity you were created for—now that pleases God!

Price: $18.00

Jesus Rose From The Dead For You

    If you’re ready to experience supernatural joy, power, and purpose, then this message is for you. Jesse teaches on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ like you’ve never heard before. You will be empowered as Jesse helps you understand through Scripture why Jesus rose from the dead and how you’ve been given great authority in this life. Get ready to shout as you learn:

     • The power of your resurrection and God-given purpose
     • How your personal experience with Christ makes Him irresistible to others
     • How God depends on you just as He depended on the disciples in His day
     • How Jesus’ divine presence is His promise to you
     • And more!

    When you understand why Jesus rose from the dead, you will understand the power and position you hold as a believer. Jesus conquered hell and the grave….and He did it for the world, the church, and for you.

Price: $18.00