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Start Walking In Overflow!

Dr. Jesse Duplantis wants to share the news of God's good nature with the world! In this faith-building message, he shares personal stories and powerful testimonies about God's good nature that will give you a fresh perspective on what God wants for you. You will be inspired to do what it takes to receive your overflow as Dr. Duplantis helps you to discover....
  • The value of significant seed
  • Why fear tolerated is faith contaminated
  • How one pancake from a widow-woman produced overflow
  • Why the David-principle produces results
  • And much more!
Get stirred up and start believing in faith! It's time for you to receive God's best so that your overflow can start overflowing!
Price: $8.00

Want to see people saved?  Want to see people healed and delivered from depression, thier children enjoying a better life?
In this powerful message from Dr. Jesse Duplantis, you'll be inspired to share the only thing that can help other people to be saved, healed, and delivered...the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Witnessing is your way of delivering exactly what people really need - spiritual renewal and a pathway that leads to every blessing from the Lord.  In this classic message, "I'm the Christian the Devil Warned You About" Dr. Jesse Duplantis shares humorous true stories and powerful preaching that will help your confidence to soar.
Don't wait to be the Christian God wants you to be!  Learn how to tap into your inner boldness and win souls for Christ!
Price: $14.00